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New in the U.S! Flameless gas cooktops with patented gas-under-glass technology.


Our patented gas-under-glass technology is flameless, so the cooktop looks slick and is easy to clean.
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  • Our flameless gas cooktops have modern, slick design to fit in your kitchen perfectly.
  • Enjoy fully electronic touch panel for simple and safe control.  The panel displays information on current status, indicates possible errors. The integrated residual heat indicator will let you know when the burner has cooled down and the glass surface is safe to touch. Cooktops require no special pots and the smooth ceramic glass surface is very easy to clean.
  • Patented catalytic burners sit right under ceramic glass and burn at about 1472°F, which is much higher than in regular cooktops and it results in the removal of retardant gas ingredients so, they don’t leave greasy deposit on cookware and furniture. Higher burning temperature also means odorless exhaust fumes.

Save up to 50%

Whether natural or LP gas our cooktop uses up to 50% less of it compared to a traditional cooktop.

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  • A combination of cycle work, minimal power consumption (comparable to a small light bulb) and higher temperature gas combustion results in gas consumption reduction by up to 50%* compared to traditional gas cooktops.
  • Virtually 100% gas combustion results in ten times less carbon monoxide in fumes makes the cooktop environment-friendly.
  • The burners only heat up the cooktop in designated spots, the rest is isolated and remains cool thus no heat loss. Moreover, every model has one or two heat flow areas so-called “free heat zones”.
  • “Free heat zones” sit atop fume channels and require no gas intake. Hot fumes from large or medium burner are channeled through the free zones making them hot enough to cook. This gives you additional, free energy from exiting heat.
  • Unique “cycle work” means there are breaks in gas combustion. When this happens, the still-hot burner gives off accumulated heat to the cooktop’s heating zone, so as not to consume gas continuously.

* 30-50% depending on how you use it. Generally, the longer the burners are on the bigger the savigs!


Safety first

Double protection against gas leakage and child lock for accidental activation makes it super safe.
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  • Our cooktops are LPG convertible but no matter which gas we’ve created mechanical and electronic safeguards to provide double safety against gas leakage.
  • No open flame means lower risk of setting fire to your clothes or spilled oil. Even though there is no flame, the burners heat up fast (the hot heating zone changes color to red) and the heat-resistant ceramic glass panel remains strong at high temperatures.
  • Features like heat-resistant enamel coated vents, low voltage (12V) and quality of workmanship ensure reliability and years of trouble-free operation. After all, these cooktops have been produced and proven for over a decade!
  • Contrary to induction cooktops , it does not emit high-frequency radiation, which makes it safe for people with pacemakers.
  • Does not require three-phase power supply.
  • In case of power shortages, the cooktop can be powered by an emergency power supply (optional).
  • Our products are CE certified, confirmed by the Institute of Oil and Gas.

Which cooktop will fit your space?


GPC-2 flameless gas cooktop 2 burners + 1 free heat zone


This compact model will fit even the smallest kitchen.

PRICE: $817

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Meet our bestseller: 3 burners + 1 free heat zone.

PRICE: $1099

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GPC-3 flameless gas cooktop 3 burners + 1 free heat zone


GPC-4 flameless gas cooktop 4 burners + 1 free heat zone


Get one more burner in the same size as GPC-3.

PRICE: $1199

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The XL version has plenty of cooking space.

PRICE: $1477

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GPC-4 XL flameless gas cooktop 4 burners + 2 free heat zones