GPC-3 | 3 burners + 1 free heat zone


Meet our bestseller: 3 burners + 1 free heat zone.

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Here is the most popular model in our range. Its dimensions are 221316 x 1912 x 418  inches so it fits a standard 2258 – wide base cabinet or countertop. It’s a perfect choice for family cooking.

GPC-3 has three burners, one “free heat zone” and an integrated, fully electronic touch panel for simple and safe control.

The “free heat zone” sits atop hot fumes channels and requires no gas intake. This gives you additional, free energy from exiting heat.

“Cycle work” means there are breaks in gas combustion and the still-hot burner gives off accumulated heat to the cooktop’s heating zone, so as not to consume gas continuously.

Our patented burners that sit right under ceramic glass and burn at about1472°F, which is much higher than in regular cooktops – that means removal of retardant gas ingredients so, they don’t leave greasy deposit on cookware and furniture.

No open flame means lower risk of setting fire to your clothes or spilled oil. Even though there is no flame, the burners heat up fast (the hot heating zone changes color to red) and the heat-resistant ceramic glass panel remains strong at high temperatures.

GPC-3 is LPG convertible and in case of power shortages, the cooktop can be powered by an emergency power supply (optional).

It requires no special pots and the smooth ceramic glass surface is very easy to clean.

A combination of cycle work, minimal power consumption (comparable to a small light bulb) and higher temperature gas combustion results in gas consumption reduction by up to 50%* compared to traditional gas cooktops.

30-50% depending on how you use it. Generally, the longer the burners are on the bigger the savigs!


Specifications & Installation

Nominal thermal power ~5,7 kW
Gas connection R1/2
Cooktop’s working voltage 12V
Power supply voltage 110V
Housing degree of protection IP-40
Weight net. (lbs) 27
Dimensions (in) 221316 x 1912 x 418 (LxWxH)

The countertop, where you intend to install the gas cooktop must be firmly attached to the base cabinet. In order to install the cooktop, make an opening 181/2 x 214/16 inches.

Please remember not to obstruct airflow from the vent grids.

A precise description of installation and mounting is presented in the images below:

Flameless cooktop Instalation manual gpc3

Installing the cooktop over the oven:

Flameless cooktop Instalation manualFlameless Cooktop

1 – Vents
2 – Vent grid

Connecting the cooktop to a gas network is done the same way as in traditional stoves – you will need a licensed gas installer, who will check connection for gas leaks and stamp the warranty.

Print assembly instructions

Different size? Choose the one you need.

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Flameless gas cooktop 4 burners + 1 free zone


Flameless gas cooktop 4 burners + 2 free zone


Additional information

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 25 x 23 x 6 in